El amor, la pasión, el deseo de sentir no tiene edad ni se olvida así los años pasen, yo soy mujer,,, aun que calle mi sentir y arda de pasión y entre gemidos ocultos doy rienda suelta a esta imaginación.
Soy mujer y me escondo por pena o vergüenza no dejo ver lo que siento y solo escribo este tormento de ser mujer y frustrarme por cobardía o pudor dejando pasar el tiempo en un rincón y en silencio.
Me gusta ser mujer, mas hembra no lo soy que miedo el mio y sin razón.
Mujer de siempre, mujer de ayer, mujer de hoy,,,

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que buen texto
si somos mujeres hoy ayer y siempre
bien me gusto ....

caramelos para ti

solopoesie dijo...

The poetry is a form
Communication with which they occur
Other moments of life experiences, emotions experienced.
The mind knows interpret emotions, knows organize our
Perceptions, reports identify knows, knows build schemes
And knows speeds outside essi.Attraverso poetic language is learned
Little by little to know how it was done "inside" and
This serves to gain security, trust itself
Themselves and to build their identità.Provare to write a
Poetry is not only able to read our minds,
Knowing how to listen to the voice of our inner me, knowing how to perceive
Our emotions and feelings, know how to dream, succeed
To be "great" while loving the little things.
"Doing poetry is watching reality with different eye, with sensitivity
And depth of feelings, express what it feels like with a particular language. With poetic language you learn to use imagination with the
We can change the reality in our pleasure.
With poetry you learn to create something beautiful and
Learn to appreciate what we offer beautiful
Altri.Si writes of the jet when you live in strong emotions
Positive or negative,
When life runs the place poetic vein
Seems lethargy. The poetry is a creative act by which
We want to demonstrate ways in a certain vision